Who are Severe Comedy?

Severe Comedy was founded on the principle that good comedy requires a strong dramatic backbone - and no matter how crazy the premise, the commitment to the reality of that concept must be unwavering - hence the Severe part of our name. We have 7 properties in different stages of development and are presently working with the ABC and A-List Entertainment and we are now expanding into the American market. Contact us through

Batman v Superman Argument (Excerpt)

'In the Air Tonight' Excerpt

Lois interviews Superman

Taken 2 Heart

Lois Interviews Batman and Robin

The Battle of Who Cares Less

About Us

Paul Ayre
  - Actor / Writer

Paul has been writing and creating comedy for 15 years now and has worked with some of the biggest names in comedy – including Jeff Goldblum, SketchShe and toured with The Umbilical Brothers through Germany, Denmark, Austria, Slovenia and Sweden. He won the biggest prize in webseries history: $70,000 for The Justice Lease in which he acted, wrote and produced.

Jeremy Brull
 - Director / Writer

Jeremy has worked in comedy for over 10 years, along with being a freelance shooter/editor. His films have won numerous film festival awards, including LA Comedy Shorts and LA Comedy Festival overseas, and on online AACTA #social shorts nomination for his short film 'The Battle of Who Cares Less'. His web series “The Justice Lease” won 8 awards at LA Webfest - including outstanding Comedy Series and Direction. He is currently in the first round of development with the ABC on an original Australian iView comedy series.

Erasmo Raimundo (Raz)
 - Producer

Is a Digital Producer by trade, Having worked across varying mediums over the past 10 years, including; Film, Web, App and Audio. Currently the Head of Digital & Media at A-List Entertainment.

our projects

Justice Lease

Superman finally confronts Batman about his hijacking of the Man of Steel franchise. Lois interviews Superman about his fight with Batman and this raises tensions with his girlfriend – Superfan Linda.

Review of The Justice Lease


In this hyper-realistic, black-and-white MOCKINGBIRD world, the hero of the original book, ATTICUS FINCH is now a jaded alcoholic who has forsaken the law. His teenage daughter SCOUT is threatening her school teachers with knives.

The Battle of Who Cares Less

For anyone who's ever read 'The Game' or 'The Rules' and thought that they could 'win' against the opposite sex...this film is for you

what we're working on

  • Paul has just finished script doctoring Blackpills new dark comedy "Pet Killer" shooting in Sydney til the end of this year. He's adapting his play "In The Air Tonight" into a feature and developing a new comedy project with the ABC based extremely loosely on "To Kill a Mockingbird" 

    Paul Ayre
    Writer / Actor
  • Jeremy has just completed post production on a music video for Comedic-Heavy-Metal-Band 'Boner Contention' and he is currently developing an original Sci-fi Comedy Feature called 'Self Love'. He is also currently co-writing an original comedy series with the ABC.

    Jeremy Brull
    Witer Director
  • Hi, I'm the Head of Digital at A-List Entertainment.

    Working on True Murder for ABC / Screen Australia Freshblood and getting ready to head to SPA in Melbourne

    Erasmo Raimundo (Raz)

Phone: +61 404 223 879


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